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                                                   Welcome Message from the Pastor
 Beloved People of God,
Greetings in the Almighty Name of our Blessed LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!
We believe that it is not by coincidence that you are here. Since our Eternal Grace Church sincerely considers your growth in Scripture and in spirituality, we would deem it our God-given privilege to serve you through this webpages. If you have been praying and searching for a church to grow in Knowledge and Understanding as mentioned in Jeremiah 3:15, in Christ Jesus we warmly welcome you to our Eternal Grace Church.   
Furthermore, we encourage you to join our Tamil Sunday Worship Service @ 1:30 pm EST via YouTube. For prayer requests, please feel free to post your requests on the Prayer Request page of this website.       
We extend this invitation for you to become part of our Eternal Grace Church.
With Prayers,
In Christ Jesus,
Pr. Prabhakaran C. Menon